Open Source

Why we rely on open source

Open source software is everywhere; the majority of the internet's services is built upon it! At Bitstillery, we also work with open source software, because we like to be pragmatic and transparent. Reuse software where feasible; reinvent the wheel when we want it to fit more closely with our optimized development stack.

Most of our software engineers prefer Linux workstations, but we also appreciate
Apple's user interface design. Did we mention that our development stack is built
upon open source as well? Among other things, we develop a cutting-edge platform for
international Spirits trade, that is being hosted on a Kubernetes cluster. We use Docker
to make development of the entire stack easier for our engineers.

Our backend stack is built upon Python, Asyncio, FastApi and Sqlalchemy. For quality
control, we use tools like Pydentic, Mypy, Ruff & Black. On the frontend side we use a
highly optimized virtual dom stack and a custom-made components library that is being
reused across all of our products. Typescript, Eslint and Nodejs are used for additional
quality control.

Besides using open source, we don't shy away from using proprietary services when
it provides additional value to our customers. For instance, we use Deepl  to provide automated i18n to our international partners and we prefer Plausible  for GDPR-compatible analytics, because we are in the business of selling Spirits, not our customer's data.
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